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Magik Products

Here you will find Magik Products and some very unusual, but interesting products that can be used in the shop, in cars, boats in the home and for gardening purposes. Natural Adhesives for repairing cloth, leathers and upholstery fabrics. Tire Sealants and Liquid Hand Protection, Glass Cleaner, Liquid Vinyl Repair and much more.

Parasol Inc. also carries a complete line of Waxes, Polishes and Cleaners, Microfiber Products, Fillers, Paint Additives, Paint Guns and Dyes and Paints.

30 ml

Glass Cleaner (BRILLENKLAR)

An easy to use cleaner for your eye glasses or other glass. Will not fog when temperature changes quickly or due to high humidity.



40 ml

Natural Adhesives (GOLDENFIX)

NEW! A natural adhesive that repairs textiles, leather and other fiber products3 with ease. Instead of taking your torn clothing or upholstery to the tailor or other repair specialist all you do is join the tear together and squeeze a little Golden Fix on to the torn area and hold it together for a few minutes and voila the tear is repaired.



500 ml / 1/2 oz

Hand Protector (MAGIKGLOVE)

Protects your hands from oil, grease, wax and paint. An advanced protective coating that will make cleaning your hands easy. Contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.



Available in 4 oz

Tire Sealant (MAGIKSEAL)

A sophisticated, high-tech product that is installed inside tires, remains there for the life of the tire, and instantly and permanently seals tire punctures as they occur