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Aerosols - Dyes & Paints

Solvent Based Dyes
Only our Solvent Based Dyes (Varikote, Varibond and Rubberbond) as well as our Solvent Based Adhesion promoter Plastikprep are available in Aerosols.

If you want a color match for any of our solvent based dyes and it is not one of the 14 standard colors we have on the chart below then the minimum quantity is 6 aerosols per color.

Parasol Inc., also carries Fillers, Polishes and Cleaners, Paints and Dyes, Microfiber, Paint Additives and much more.

The following 14 RAL colors are available in Aerosols or Quarts


Is the original, solvent based color coating for PVC (vinyl windows) and other hard plastics. Quite uniquely Varibond forms a chemical bond with the substrate. Varibond cannot be removed and will not crack, peel or flake. Varibond will also take to GRP (glass fiber) bonding in a way that is impossible for cellulose paints. Ideal for GRP spoilers and body kits. Other applications include PVC doors, PVC pipes etc. Easy to apply and available in any of the 14 standard colors above. Special color matching is also available in aerosols (Min qty 6 aerosols per color).
$ 19.95   


Great for difficult to color hard plastics. Goes on easily, Flashes off easily, Also can be used under certain conditions on difficult leathers (those that have been impregnated with silicones).
$ 19.95