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Vinyl Dye and Vinyl Paint

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Parasol Inc. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of quality, solvent based and waterborne or water based dyes and paints for vinyl. To research more about which vinyl paint or vinyl dye is most suitable for your needs; please review our product selection below.

Solvent based Vinyl Dye / Vinyl Paint

Varikote is our primary solvent based vinyl dye, and is used primarily for coloring items such as vinyl seats, arm rests, vinyl dashes in cars and boats, vinyl tops in cars and boats, vinyl seats in restaurants, vinyl awnings and much more.

This solvent-based vinyl paint can also be utilized for coloring soft plastics, including PVC and ABS. As a rule of thumb we suggest using Varikote when the materials are flexible. In addition, Varikote can be used to color polyurethane (which looks like vinyl), but this requires the surface to first be primed with our adhesion promoter plastikprep for it to bond well to polyurethane. Click here for more details on this product.

Water based Vinyl Dye / Vinyl Paint

Varikolor is the best, eco friendly, water-based vinyl dye/vinyl paint for coloring vinyl, leather, rubber and soft plastics. It can color all the same materials like Varikote above and is an extremely versatile product in that it can color many different surfaces very well including some synthetic materials, which look like leather, but are neither vinyl nor leather. It can also be used to color hard plastics, if required, but is a little soft and is more suitable for flexible plastics. Click here for more details on this product.

For general information about all of our dyes and paints please click on the following link Dyes and Paints