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Rubber Dye and Rubber Paint

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There are many types of rubber, and to color all the various kinds is a challenge, but our chemists have found a way to color most rubber surfaces with ease. At Parasol Inc. we manufacturer both a Water-Based Dye and a Solvent-Based Dye for coloring rubber surfaces. To find out more about which of our Rubber Dyes or Rubber Paints is most suitable for your needs, please check out the products below.

Waterborne Rubber Dye / Waterborne Rubber Paint

Varikolor is an eco friendly Rubber Dye / Rubber Paint for coloring certain types of rubber, such as automotive tires or recycled rubber, for many different applications that utilize used tires as the base. It is a unique dye for rubber in that it is a Water-Based Dye and bonds extremely well to the rubber surface and is long lasting. It is also a non-toxic and environmentally friendly product. Click here for more details on this product.

Solvent-Based Rubber Dye / Solvent Based Rubber Paint

Rubberbond is a rubber dye / rubber paint for coloring rubber surfaces and works extremely well for most rubber surfaces, but not all. Certain rubber surfaces are impossible to color, such as rubber floor mats in cars, as they are designed to resist staining and contain chemicals that prevent proper bonding. It is best to check with the supplier what the composition of the rubber is.

We also have a product called EPDMBOND, which works extremely well on EPDM rubber (golf grips, roofs on houses using this material, etc). Click here for more details on this product.

For general information about all of our dyes and paints please click on the following link Dyes and Paints