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Body/Metal Filler

Quantity: 1 litre
Price: $59 $49.95
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Incredibly strong and easy to use filler.

Most METAL OR BODY FILLERS absorb moisture and shrink. ALSI 12 is the only filler, which will not absorb moisture or shrink. ALSI 12 is used by ROLL ROYCE, the FRENCH ARMED SERVICES and other major manufacturers such as CITROEN, MINERVE, FUTURE DESIGN INC. and quality restoration shops all over the world.

Guaranteed to make your finish look beautiful and last for years.

Alsi 12 is made out of special alloys, which have the advantage that they resist very high temperatures and can even be used to repair engine block cracks and rusted tail pipes.

  •  Extremely strong and light
  •  Will not shrink
  •  Will not absorb moisture
  •  Easy to use. Sands easily
  •  Can be drilled, nailed, tapped & threaded
  •  Used to repair all metals including galvanized sheet metal and aluminium
  •  Resists temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius
  •  Great for powder coating applications
  •  Will not clog up the sandpaper
  •  Will repair engine block cracks
  •  Used for areas that require large volume fillings as well as areas that are rusted, cracked or oxidized

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