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Plastic Dyes/Paints

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We manufacture several different kinds of quality, solvent based and waterborne dyes and paints for plastic. To find out which Plastic Dye or Plastic Paint product is most suitable for your needs, please see details of the different products below.

Solvent Based Plastic dyes/paints

Varikote is our flexible solvent based plastic dye which is used mainly for coloring vinyl and other soft plastics, including PVC and ABS. As a rule of thumb we suggest using Varikote when the plastic materials are flexible and move/flex a lot. Varikote can also be used to color polyurethane (which looks like vinyl), but in this case must be used along with our adhesion promoter plastikprep for it to bond to polyurethane. Click here for more details on this product.

Varibond is our solvent based plastic dye used for coloring hard plastics such as ABS, PVC, fiberglass and other hard plastics. Varibond plastic paint can also be used to color polypropylene, TPO and EPDM, but you will need plastikprep, our adhesion promoter, along with Varibond to color these materials. Click here for more details on this product.

Waterborne Based Plastic Dyes/paints

Varikolor is our waterborne plastic dye/paint for coloring vinyl, leather, rubber and soft plastics. It is an extremely versatile product in that it can color many different surfaces very well including some synthetic materials, which look like leather, but are neither vinyl nor leather. It can also be used to color hard plastics, if required, but is a little soft and is more suitable for flexible plastics. Click here for more details on this product.

A1-Kolor is a unique environmentally safe waterborne Urethane/Acrylic co-polymeric emulsion hybrid system designed for high performance uses where hardness, flexibility, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance is required. A1-Kolor can be used on hard plastics, interior wood, many different kinds of fiberglass, as well as many other interior and exterior surfaces such as vinyl, primed metal, interior floor finishes and brushing enamels. Click here for more details on this product.

Acrukolor is another environmentally safe and clean water-based dye. Great for coloring vinyl, hard plastics, aluminum, stainless steel and many other surfaces. It forms a strong bond with the substrate and will not peel, crack or chip off. Click here for more details on this product

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