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We specialize in manufacturing the best dyes and paints for coloring vinyl, leather, plastics and rubber material in the industry. We can custom match almost any color you want.

Unparalleled quality, service and value

  • DP ---
    Dyes and Paints:
    Parasol Inc. manufactures solvent and water based Vinyl Dye and Vinyl Paint, in addition to Plastic Dye and Plastic Paint. We also feature Leather Dye and Leather Paint for any application. Our Rubber Dye and Rubber Paint, in addition to our Carpet Dye, are applicable for use in a wide variety of applications, as well as our special vinyl repair and leather repair compounds to repair tears, holes and cracks.

    We also supply professional LVLP & HVLP Paint Guns and other equipment for all your paint applications. We can custom match any color you wish, in addition to those on our color chart. Available in quarts or Aerosols. Our Vinyl Dyes are unsurpassed! View video
  • F ---
    Fillers for all applications:
    Parasol Inc. features best in class Body Filler and Metal Filler products. Our Plastic Filler, Flexible Metal Filler, Fiber Glass, Polyester Filler and Wood Filler are perfect for the repair of structural and flexible surfaces such as metal, galvanized sheet metal, wood, polyester, fiberglass, plastics, aluminum, etc.
  • PCC ---
    Polishes, Cleaners and Conditioners:
    Car Wax, Car Polish, Boat Polish, Plexiglas Cleaner, Quick Detail Polish, Vinyl Cleaner, Plastic Cleaner, Leather Cleaner, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, Degreaser and Leather Conditioner to help clean, shine, protect, and condition your car, boat, RV, truck, motorcycle, pleasure watercraft, snow-mobile etc. both inside and out. We also have a new, super rubbing compound and scratch remover and cleaner for Plexiglas, which will remove 80% to 90% of surface scratches.
  • A ---
    Paint Additives that eliminate orange peel in universal and high solid paints.

  • PBA ---
    Paint Booth Accessories:
    Dust Control Products for your paint booth or other work areas where you would like to reduce or eliminate dust. We also carry a complete line of Paint Guns
  • M ---
    The best quality Microfiber Cloths, Towels and Mops for all your automotive, boating, home and personal cleaning and polishing applications.

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